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2014-2015 Women’s Center Board

Business Coordinator: Titi Afolabi

The Business Coordinator keeps track of the Women’s Center’s four bank accounts, including the Women’s Center’s Endowment and the Rossborough Gift. In addition, the Business Manager prepares budgets for each semester, reimburses staff and board members for purchases, manages funding requests, and solicits money from outside sources when needed.

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Constituency Coordinator: Laura Kellman

The Constituency Coordinator is responsible for communicating and working with the Women’s Center’s residence groups and staff members. In addition, the Constituency Coordinator oversees the maintenance of the Center and schedules events that take place in the Center.

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Head Coordinator: n/a

The Head Coordinator is responsible for internal organization within the Women’s Center. The Head Coordinator’s role involves preparing agendas for board meetings, taking notes during meetings, and sending out weekly task lists. Additionally, the Head Coordinator keeps track of and organizes all documents and information. Previous experience with or involvement with the Women’s Center is preferred, because the Head Coordinator will often fill in for other board members when necessary.

Outreach Coordinator: Isabel A. Cruz

The Outreach Coordinator collaborates with other campus organizations to strengthen and broaden the constituency of the Women’s Center. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for engaging diverse communities in Women’s Center initiatives, and works to ensure that the Women’s Center’s agenda reflects the needs and interests of a wide range of students.

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Political Action Coordinator: Ishrat Mannan

The Political Action Coordinator is responsible for keeping the Women’s Center targeted towards making Yale a more just and equitable place for students of all genders. She or he works with other board members to organize project, events, and campaigns aimed at generating dialogue on issues of gender and sexuality, advancing feminist perspectives on these issues, and advocating for justice.

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Public Relations Coordinator: Annemarie McDaniel

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for all materials that come out of the Center, including posters, pamphlets and the weekly e-Newsletter, as well as for media relations pertaining to the Center.

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Special Events Coordinator: Austen James

The Special Events Coordinator supports and executes Women’s Center special events, which include workshops, talks, panel discussions, performances, and parties. In addition to organizing the logistical details of each event, the coordinator collaborates with other groups to ensure the event generates dialogue across campus.

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