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Founded in 1970, the Yale Women's Center is an umbrella organization for groups on Yale's campus and beyond that deal with issues of gender and sexuality. Stop by the Center from 4-7pm Sunday-Thursday for a cozy homework space, free snacks, pregnancy tests, external and internal condoms, lubricant, dental dams, pads, tampons and information about Yale's resources. All are welcome.
To sign up for the Women's Center weekly newsletter, send an email to wcboard@panlists.yale.edu or email Public Relations Coordinator Alexa Derman directly at alexa.derman@yale.edu
Spring 2015 Women's Center Board

Head Coordinator: Laura Kellman

Business Coordinator: Austen James

Constituency Coordinator: Ishrat Mannan

Outreach Coordinator: Isabel A. Cruz

Political Action Coordinator: Keni Sabath

Public Relations Coordinator: Alexa Derman

Special Events Coordinator: Cassie Lignelli


The Women’s Center Constitution

The Yale Women's Center seeks to improve the lives of all women, especially at Yale and in New Haven. We believe ourselves to be part of a broader feminist movement. We work to ensure equal and full opportunity for all, regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, background, religion, ability or age. We believe that women should possess a complete range of choices and the ability to fully direct their own lives. We work to break down societal gender structures and roles and to ensure every woman's right to reproductive freedom, a voice, freedom of sexuality, a full range of health and social services, and economic, political and educational equality.

The Yale Women's Center seeks to enable all students on campus to find their feminist voices and to begin to identify them as an intrinsic part of them. We strive to remain accountable to our constituency (the women and men of Yale University committed to gender equality) and member groups by encouraging participation at all levels and by actively working to eliminate barriers to access and participation. We recognize that our goals are in solidarity with those of other progressive organizations, and we are committed to working in coalition to achieve broad social change.

In recognition of the fact that women have traditionally been denied a safe space of their own, the Yale Women's Center is proud to be such a space. Open for free use as well as for organized meetings and events, the Center, while open to men, seeks to provide a space for the women of Yale University.

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